About Us

Our Approach

In a world driven by mass-production, La Dermacie understands that we are all unique, and this is the reason why each one of our products respects the integrity of your beauty and aims to emphasize it in a wholesome manner.

A worldwide quest for top performing, biotech, and independently certified ingredients is only a part of the challenge we undertake. Sourcing the purest raw organic ingredients from across the globe and being able to apply solid scientific knowledge and complex compounding arts is also essential in designing powerful, innovative and safe formulas.

And while many consumers are misled by green-washing, La Dermacie values your trust. This is why we chose the hand-crafted, all natural approach without any compromise.

By choosing purely natural and highly effective components, we prepare our products manually, in small batches, and under rigorous pharmaceutical standards. 

Every item carrying La Dermacie logo has: 

- 0% parabens 
- 0% harmful preservatives
- 0% synthetic fragrances 
- 0% chemical dyes
- 0% petrochemicals 
- 0% animal byproducts 

And that's not all. Our expertise extends beyond standardized formulas. We cater to complex beauty conditions with innovative solutions and individualized products through customization of your skincare formulas, a service which can be requested through our website. Naturally, our rigorous standards apply to all products equally.

About The Founder

Doctor in Pharmacy and world selling author Afaf Maacaron has more than a decade’s experience in researching and compounding high performance natural skincare solutions. 

Her European Diploma in Organic Skinceuticals Formulation, US Board of Pharmacy Certification, and Credentialing from Leading World Laboratories, have geared her continuous search for innovation in this field and led to revolutionary results that exceeded every expectation.

For many, Dr. Afaf's first-hand experience with clients of all ages and various beauty issues have made her their go-to skincare provider. A popular TV guest, many of her clients have entrusted her with their skincare after seeing transforming results with family and friends.

About The Founder