When was the last time you verified your skin type?

When was the last time you verified your skin type?

Most of us have figured out the type of skin we have long time ago, and most of us tend to think that our skin type remains the same as we age. However, this is completely inaccurate. 

Many skin types evolve and change, and the classification we used to rely on can throw us off balance and lead to "wrong" skincare choices which may not be suited to our "updated" skin type. 

When skin is young and youthful, it is much better hydrated and we may be using skincare suitable for all skin types, or for normal skin, as simple as that. But with time, hydration levels drop and our skin may become dry and that's why we need to rely on a more moisturizing and seriously nourishing skincare. 

Also oily skin, which produces excess sebum during teenage years, maybe become more balanced as hormonal fluctuations settle and keeping on using acne prone skin skincare and cleansers can strip your skin from its protective film and lead to dry patches or dehydrated skin, even if some oiliness still shows on your T-zone. 

So, the point is that regular checkups and skin evaluation are necessary to remain on track with the best fit skincare which can deliver the best results.